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Constanza Rendon Garcia

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About me:


I am a multi-skilled artist, well-being and education specialist with over 14 years’ experience of teaching and encouraging independent learning and optimal health management through yoga, movement and creativity. Personal growth and creativity have been my passion and motivation for many years, allowing me to empower people of all ages and walks of life to stay balanced,  centered and find their own way to reach inner peace. I currently help clients to achieve this through:


With a strong academic background in Psychology, Sociology and Education I have also been able to teach subjects such as arts, drama, foreign languages, life-skills and kindergarten education through a learner-centered approach. 


I find deep joy in being able to help others to make sense of their experience of learning from the external world and improving their experience of finding balance within their own inner journey of self-knowledge. So, if you are searching for ways to learn to navigate both worlds more effectively, my experience and skills are deeply empowering gifts that used in combination, have an enormous potential to show you how YOU can bring about more positive outcomes within all areas of your life.


  • 16 years of drama, contemporary and expressive dance practice


  • 15 years of Capoeira (Afro-brazilian martial arts) practice and 7 years as a co-facilitator.


  • 13 years experience teaching within several Educational Establishments (Private and Public sector)

  • 17 years of Yoga practice



  • 5 years as a Reiki practitioner

  • Fully qualified/experienced Thai and Oil massage therapist

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