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Share and Create aims to build lasting and deeply transforming connections  between  amazing places and spaces, exceptional well-being practitioners and personal growth seekers. We are now overjoyed to be able to offer our Autumn 2019 retreats (Lagos, Portugal). If you have an interest in collaborating for upcoming seasons, feel free to get in touch.


Relax and reconnect with your inner wisdom with our unique retreats; combining Yoga, meditation, progressive psychological techniques including: Hypnotherapy; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP); Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and massage.


Do you feel tired, stuck or do you simply want to feel inspired and motivated again?  Or do you simply need a break- some time to recharge your batteries and re-connect within a nurturing environment?

Often we go through certain times of our life feeling tired and lost, not getting any real satisfaction with our current circumstances. We need to feel inspired so we need to create time to get away and clear the mind so that we feel strong and motivated. We can then make the necessary changes to live a more balanced and fulfilling life.


To this end, we have designed a unique program to allow you to explore different western and eastern philosophical approaches, which are widely proven to help you stay balanced and that will support you as you move through important life changes.

During your week-long break you will have the opportunity to participate in Yoga, as well as movement classes and self-introspective workshops, giving you the opportunity to de-stress, re-charge and gain back your vitality. You will also learn more about the power of the mind through simple meditation techniques, thereby increasing your self-awareness, which will give you a new perspective in life. This is what makes this retreat unique, as our aim is not just to provide you with a relaxing break in paradise but also to equip you with effective tools that you can use to stay balanced wherever you go.


To help you reach harmony and help your body and mind unwind while getting rid of stress and anxiety, your 7-day retreat will also include 2 therapies/ alternative treatments. These will help you stretch and relax muscle tension, revitalise your body and fill you with positive energy and viewpoints.

What makes this program so unique?

Our multidisciplinary approach will guarantee you are able to explore your needs within a safe and supportive environment while finding your own path to a more sustainable level of health and well-being.


The daily classes offered allow you to journey through eastern and western schools of thought dedicated to the discovery of inner peace and the highest possible sense of health. The alternative treatments complement the work, as you are able to get into a state of relaxation and openness so that you can go deeper into your being. Meanwhile, you will get to explore the hidden depths of your mind and explore how you can use it as a tool to help you grow and reach your highest potential.

Sharing is a crucial part of this process, hence, as an IMPORTANT aspect of our program that YOU WILL BE sharing your experiences with a group of up to 6 other beautiful souls that will come together for the purpose of co-creating for the entire duration of the program.

What inspired us to design this retreat?


“Share and Create” is our motto and aims to put together amazing people and incredible spaces for the purpose of allowing knowledge-seekers to build deeper connections while getting to know ourselves better.


You get a choice of different “flavours” which are available throughout the week to suit your experience and needs, regardless of whether you are just beginning this journey or you have already practiced Yoga for a few years. The practices within these include Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, vinyasa Yoga, and classical Hatha Yoga (you can view our timetable and choose your classes before you start the program).  

Our core team has always been passionate about helping others, leading us to make immense changes within our own lives and then help others transform their lives through our experiences. We understand that making major life changes to improve the quality of life is not easy, as we all have gone through the anxiety of not knowing, doubting, fearing change and failure. But now that we have gone through deep transformation ourselves, we wish to share our knowledge with you.

Our deep commitment has taken many of us to travel around the world in search of alternative paths that could help us find real and practical ways to reach an optimal level of health and harmony. Most of our team have lived and/ or trained in Asia, in order to embrace and learn from Eastern traditional schools that teach priceless methods and tools to reach a sustainable level of vitality.

Today, we have the pleasure of coming together to do what we know best: providing opportunities for self-knowledge and to offer this gift to you in this beautiful part of Portugal in the heart of the Algarve. Most importantly, our commitment does not end with the retreat, as you will become a part of an online conscious community concerned with on-going growth.


About our Yoga and meditation sessions:


Yoga is a well-known ancient traditional system that has been proven to effectively help us connect with ourselves and our inner wisdom. Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga and classical Hatha Yoga are classical practices aimed at bringing an overall sense of relaxation and well-being. Meditation will be introduced using a simple body awareness techniques with an emphasis on the breath.  

About the transformative creative and movement workshops:


These sessions are created with the aim to help release blockages and give you the space to express the deepest part of your being. As we move through life, we accumulate stress and anxiety, often due to difficult situations in relationships, work and family. The effects of these often, negative experiences accumulate not only within the mind, but are also stored within the body itself, manifesting as aches, pains and bodily tensions which damage our health.


Our workshop sessions will support the acknowledgement and releasing of these stories from the past that we continue to carry with us as unnecessary baggage, allowing us to actively build a new way of being by acknowledging, dissolving the past and any associated suffering. This is a key aspect of the retreat as it will help you to bridge the gap between the mind, body and your emotional landscape.    

About our Get-to-Know-Yourself workshops:

Because we aim to work on different levels of human experience, you will also have access to afternoon workshops where you can explore and release any limiting beliefs, allowing you to embark on a journey of real transformation. Through these workshops you will get to know your mind better, bringing forth more self-knowledge and as a result more ways to bring about change. The afternoon sessions will be packed with all the juicy get-to-know yourself techniques that combine different forms of meditation and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

You will also have the choice to a one-to-one coaching, Hypnotherapy / NLP or EFT session by any of our fully qualified and knowledgeable specialists during the retreat and if necessary, you can stay in touch with them thereafter.

Our organisers for Autumn 2019:

Visit the links below for individual biographies


Lagos, Algarve:

The area where we will journey through transformation together, is surrounded by nature and stunning beaches where you can recharge and enjoy the sun the whole year round. It is easy to access from most major European capitals, as it can be reached within 1 hour by car and within two-hours by train from Faro airport. Lagos is a small historic coastal town, with a beautiful marina, gorgeous beaches and secluded coves, so it is the perfect destination, offering a peaceful and calming atmosphere where you can be completely stress-free.

Our Venue:

You will stay in a well appointed 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom property in tranquil surroundings with perfect facilities and atmosphere to unwind and relax. Surrounded by the Portuguese countryside, step out to nature, or stay in to write or take a swim in the pool.  The property is located within a small and quiet neighbourhood where you can escape the noise of the crowds but only 10 minutes away from the historic centre of Lagos which you can visit by bike or car, or if you enjoy walking, take the 30 minute picturesque walk through soothing countryside.

What is included?


  • 5 early meditation and Yoga classes

  • 2x massages, coaching sessions or alternative treatments of your choice (Reiki, Thaimassage, foot and thai reflexology, Deep Tissue massage, Classic relaxing oil massage, Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP)

  • 5x 2 hour afternoon self-discovery sessions that combine meditation, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing), Hypnotherapy techniques, visualisation and movement focusing on giving you practical tools on how to bring positive transformation within your daily life.

  • Daily light breakfast, daily vegetarian dinner, tea and coffee

  • 7 nights in private double/ twin room accommodation 10 minutes away drive to magnificent local beaches and the picturesque town Lagos.

  • Transfers ONLY from/to Faro airport

What’s NOT included:

  • Lunch (you can enjoy the local cuisine and local restaurants/cafes at your own preference or enjoy preparing your own snack)

  • Flights

  • Personal/travel insurance


  • Transfers from/to Lisbon airport (Transfers from Lisbon airport need to be arranged by YOU)


  • Any special touristic trips/activities (all recommendations/information will be provided upon arrival).


Find out more about Lagos, Algarve:

Package prices:


Shared twin room accommodation:


7 nights for only  725 EUR each


Private accommodation:


7 nights for 825 EUR


Special discounted prices:


Two-people sharing a private double room:


Reserve and pay together for only €1.425 (713 EUR Each) 

Early bird:


Book up to 8 weeks in advance for only 699EUR

Out-guest pass:


There are 2 out-guest passes available for 450EUR which includes access to all the classes offered within the package (EXCLUDING accommodation and transfers).

How to secure my spot:

To join us in this unique opportunity you need to pay a Non-refundable 200EUR deposit per person. The remaining balance needs to be paid 3 weeks before your arrival through through Paypal/ Bank transfer or Payoneer. Fully paid packages will be refunded without the deposit fee ONLY if cancellation occurs 14 days before the start date of your retreat. However it can be transferred to a retreat on a future date.

Email us for any further details:


Dinner is available from 7 to 8pm. Tea and coffee are available all day long.

Treatment times** - You may pick the times of your treatments at any of the given slots **


Free time*** - you can enjoy the local cuisine, local restaurants or cook your own meal. Also, explore the local area at your own pace.



New dates to be released in Summer 2021 due to World wide travel regulations. Stay tuned!




“To sum up in two words: Strong and empowering.”

“Enlightening and I can’t wait to listen to my recorded material from the sessions again and continue my journey.”

“The massages were great, I will now make sure I have one every 6 weeks from now on”

“Get to Know your Mind exercises were great and I did not know I really needed them.”

“Very satisfied, an experience I will encourage others to have, you will be transformed. Just prepare to be transformed, learn how to breathe and be still.”

“I would recommend a shareNcreate retreat to anyone wanting or needing time to love and nourish themselves. We were literally pushed to give our mind, body and soul time to heal and grow.”


“My first time trying yoga: Although I was or am very stiff, the exercises were within my comfort level. I will DEFINITELY continue with yoga!  I will also bring meditation into my life.”


“Accommodation was excellent, comfortable, hospitable! I loved the terrace.”

Seize the opportunity to share and create a new way of going within to totally relax, discover your gifts and harness your own power!

Weekend VIP retreats are available upon request.


Stay tuned for next year's release of upcoming dates. For now, 2020 reminds us of  a great lesson:

"This world is your best teacher. There is a lesson in everything. There is a lesson in each experience. Learn it and become wise. Every failure is a stepping stone to success. Every difficulty or disappointment is a trial of your faith. Every unpleasant incident or temptation is a test of your inner strength. Therefore nil desperandum. March forward hero! (Sivananda)."


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