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Complete beginners Yoga course.

Reach a full understanding of the basics of Yoga in the comfort of your own home: follow a simple structure and sequential classes that can give you a strong all-round foundation and choose the next steps of your Yoga path full of excitement and awareness!


Make real changes and improve your practice while staying safe thanks to special sections/content dedicated to giving you all the tips you need in order to avoid injury during your practice.


You choose: when and where to access your content! You can come back and watch it again, whenever you want. Plus, you will be supported by  the written material that will give you a structure you can easily follow.

Following your ‘section guide’ and ‘the tick-box’  will ensure you use your time effectively and safely get the most of your course.


Does this sound familiar?

- Your yoga practice has now become very repetitive and it's just become the ‘same old’.

- You to develop injuries as you began to practice Yoga or while 'reinventing' your practice.

- You feel as if you can't make any form of progress, or can't reap the benefit.

- You have been practicing the physical aspect of Yoga but are now ready to explore other aspects of it.

- You are simply wishing to get into a practice that can help you feel healthier and more alive!

I also did not know how to start, how to follow up and create a safe practice I could enjoy.


I also wanted to improve, enjoy this practice and clearly see my progress.

After  a few years, my practice was becoming boring when I started attending classes where I was just doing the same postures over and over again, i felt i was 'going nowhere'. Going to endless teachers and yoga centers to find the same old, was very frustrating.

I was however, extremely lucky to follow my Yoga path through as far as I possibly could (I then came to learn it is actually a lifestyle)! I ended up having to travel to many corners of the world and experiencing very different cultures and ways of living in order to discover as much as I could about this science of aliveness.


It also took me so much time and cost me my ‘old self’ so that I could find a new way to experience life, where I could feel I was in control of my feelings, emotions, thoughts and my own health. But I am extremely pleased to say, it was all worth it! From that moment on, it was actually my job to find time and space to apply it to my lifestyle; to really process and understand many of the different Yogic concepts so I could use them to improve the quality of my life. Feeling lighter, being able to manage my health, my anxiety levels, to become the boss of my thoughts and completely change my lifestyle for the better!


This is why I created this course, so that You too, get to enjoy some of the benefits of this deeply transforming knowledge right from zero.

If you are ready to take health and well-being into your own hands, the complete beginners Yoga course is for you!

I want to start now!

The complete beginners Yoga course includes:

The course is divided into 6 sections for a 360-degree beginner level understanding. For each section you will encounter an important aspect of Yoga with practical exercises you can implement within your everyday life.  It includes

  • Resources and safety section

  • Proper exercise/Asana

  • Proper breathing/ Basics of pranayama

  • Proper eating/ Basics of Ayurveda

  • Positive thinking and meditation

  • Proper relaxation

The video library contains more than 11 hours of material which you can access starting today by joining the online studio.

You also can choose to come back to the content that interests you the most whenever you please and mix and match it, however, I do recommend you follow the sequence advised. But if you are already an experienced Yogi/ni who wants to refresh/revisit the basics, feel free to follow your own order.  

What's the investment?

People who have already bought the course have said that finally they feel motivated and they feel they can be safer while developing with their practice. Somehow they broke through the barrier of procrastination thanks to the tick-list and the written material.  Some actually say they have applied concepts to their daily life opening a whole new way of experiencing everything than happens to them.

Having the possibility to elevate your self-confidence and take health and well being into your own hands is priceless. Yet, you have access to a very carefully crafted course that will save you time, injuries and money.

:Feedback from students also now allows you to pay each class as you go, giving you the freedom to spread it out as much as you want! So, you no longer pay a membership! Simply:

Pay each class and enjoy the free classes: FREE or from 1- 5 dollars each (YES)

Pay for your course guidebook: Each section: 9 Euros/ All sections: 20 Euros

Plus join the Learnitlive: Get lots of free options, free lives and massive discounts

It could not be easier to access the beginner's guide to a science of well-being carefully crafted online practice:

  • Classes, talks and guided meditations

  • All Section Guides+ tick box (downloadable written material)

  • PLUS exclusive access to a live monthly online group class.


You have ongoing support but progress is up to you! Are you ready?

What people have said so far:

"I am a full time employee…now working from home. I started Yoga a long ago but no time or structure. With this course I can practice under my own terms at my own pace and I feel I’m learning a lot. It showed me so much I had no idea I did not know."

"I took many classes in classrooms before until I injured my knees. Thanks for this Connie: I love the way you explain everything, you remind me to take care all the time, i've never felt more physically aware. seriously!"


If you are willing to get yourself the best beginners Yoga course this is for you!

Click here to start today

Please read carefully

Slowly, Yogis and Yoginis are already implementing what they have learned thanks to the course, feeling the improvements that come with consistent practice and application of the concepts. I am sure this will also be the case for you. You do not have to become a member, so you can simply pay as you go, which ensures there is no risk at all. LearnitLive has been   committed to online learning for many years and millions of customers have benefitted from their programs focusing on health and well-being. They will process all payments directly. 


Join the online  classroom on LearnitLive Today and access:


Bonus 1:

Over 7 hours of structured Asana/Physical exercise sessions to ensure you progress safely.

Recorded video talks and guided meditations: over 4 hours, discussing the different concepts that can enhance your life including breathing techniques, healthy eating and the basics of Ayurveda, positive thinking and meditation and the importance of relaxation.

Bonus 2:

Gain exclusive access to the members’ area, where you can find all downloadable material available to guide your progress plus get special additional material to ensure you can move on safely.

Bonus 3:

Get free monthly online group lessons that will help you stay motivated plus exclusive offers.

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