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Yoga has become my backbone; my base, the way of connecting to ancient knowledge and deeply hidden wisdom that we encounter in this process helping us to balance and live a more fulfilling life.  Over 15 years  I discovered Yoga without knowing that it would become one of my most important tools, both within my personal and my professional life.


It all started because of the immense health benefits I gained within just six months. These included the disappearance  of my Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), improvement of skin disorders and lowering my anxiety levels. Yet, yoga did not just have a positive impact on my physical health, but  it also tool me through a whole journey of spiritual and personal transformation.


With the years I have come to see it as a powerful tool that helps us to gain balance, within ourselves, with others and the world around us. At first I found it boring and repetitive, however, as I explored it more I could see the value within discipline and how it can help you to connect with your inner peace. As I started living its benefits, I just wanted more and more, until accidentally I had the privilege of teaching it at my local community centre. Of course, this two year long experience taught me so much more, that I decided to become a fully qualified Yoga teacher in India, Kerala.

I had the privilege of being trained at the Sivananda Vydia Peetham School giving me full access to a unique method to teach this ancient technique, helping me to share an important message:

 “Health is Wealth, Peace of Mind Happiness, Yoga Shows the Way” Swami Vishnu-devananda

As part of it, I learned systematic methods that help us to get into deep meditative states, and the importance of connecting to our breath to gain vitality, which are the most important aspects I emphasise within my lessons.

Of course, my teaching style has also been widely influenced by my dance skills and my previous years of self-practice, allowing me to bring in elements of flow and strengthening exercises that compliment the sequences I share with others. More recently I have offered classes in China, where we practiced Invigorating morning yoga sessions, Yoga flow and Hatha yoga for adults.


Everyday I continue to learn both from exchanging the knowledge and from all teachers that I encounter in my path, for this I am extremely grateful.


The benefits of Yoga:


Yoga is one of the best ways to overcome stress as well as many modern disorders and it helps us to come closer to overall Physical, Mental, and Emotional well being. It affects us by giving us greater strength, flexibility and a sense of balance, as it is deeply relaxing and grounding.

At the end of a yoga session carried out with care, attention, and intention, you will be able to notice a feeling of deep, but alert relaxation right at the end and thereafter.

Yoga uses the body to transform the mind, and it helps us to become more attuned with ourselves in order to reach our highest potential and our innate peace. We become more re-calibrated and experience a sense of harmony and vitality which cannot be reached with any other form physical of training.


It has been found to improve circulation resulting from movement, and efficient muscle and breath use, affecting muscle tone, joint mobility and posture. Moreover, it renews the functioning of our internal organs and connective tissues, allowing our bodies to release toxins. It is in itself, the best way to prevent disease, hence the reason why I fell in love with it, wouldn’t you?











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