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After teaching Yoga for more than 6 years, I am very humbled to offer Reiki oil and Thai massage, the latter which is often called “lazy man’s yoga” comes closest to my main objective: to help those around me accomplish many of the benefits of yoga without having to go to a yoga class. This makes it a great therapy for athletes, dancers or sports enthusiasts as it loosens muscles, opens joints, and moves energy in a way that even the most active people can’t do without any form of assistance.


These treatments methods are also a great option for those with chronic pain conditions or people recovering from an injury who cannot attend yoga classes or have limited mobility. So, there is no longer an excuse to experience the great feeling of balance, relaxation and lightness you get after a good yoga class!

About massage:

Receiving oil based or any style of body massage is not only a deeply relaxing experience but it is also known for having a huge impact on our overall mental, emotional and physical health.


It is known for improving:


  •  Blood circulation:


The muscles in the body are twisted and manipulated in such a way that the hand movements used aim at stimulating the surface of your skin and your muscle tissue. All the nerves and blood vessels are also being exercised as more blood is pumped through, affecting your skin, the ability to eliminate toxins and resetting metabolism.

  • Elasticity and flexibility:

Muscle tone and ligament extension can be improved through the application of the correct pressure. This can greatly affect the performance of the overall physical structure and correct any existing imbalances or localised tensions.

  • Improves overall mood:

Through the manipulation of pressure points and reflex centres that are directly related to various organs and glands, feel good hormones are released, allowing you to calm down and relieve stress, tension and depression.

  • Eliminates body pain:


It gives great relief when your body is experiencing mild to moderate pain. However, if you are experiencing on-going, chronic pain you are better advised to consult your doctor.

  • Skin tone and quality:

Oil massage is the most effective method as the use of oil can help to clear any accumulated dead skin cells; your skin will be nourished, brightening up your whole presence. It also aims at stimulating your pores and skin tissue preventing pimples and eradicating any dryness or any stretch marks.

  • Concentration and clarity:

Reaching deep levels of relaxation assisted by a specialist can greatly affect your ability to focus and think clearly; not immediately after the treatment, but certainly after a few hours or while receiving a long-term set of treatments.

  • Digestion: 

A complete massage session involves a massage of the stomach and lower abdomen where the large intestine, liver and spleen are located. The specific pressure applied and the movements performed will affect the secretion of gastric juices and the proper functioning of the enteric nervous system, which is ultimately responsible for the correct functioning of the digestive system.

  • Toxin clearing process:

A massage will revitalise all the glands and internal organs involved in the process of eliminating toxic waste or unwanted substances within your body. As your blood circulation improves, you will experience the effective clearing and purification of your whole body.

  • Sleep:

As your whole body and mind relax, you are more likely to sleep much better. Over a long period of regular treatment, any disrupted sleep cycles can go back to a healthy rhythm.

Of course, the benefits are not limited to those named above, and this is only the top of the iceberg, so on a superficial level we can conclude that receiving a massage has endless health benefits, however it must also be complemented with a balanced lifestyle, a positive environment and healthy food!

So… why not treat yourself to a massage?


Picture by Joshua Samuelsen

Picture by Joshua Samuelsen

Picture by Joshua Samuelsen

Picture by Joshua Samuelsen

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