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This is a short video that will help you to relax and gently stretch your upper body. An excellent and quick practice if you suffer from tense shoulders, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or neck tightness. It can be done from anywhere, including from your office desk! Just make sure no one else is watching.

This is a very short session dedicated to Sun salutations with and without variations, you can use it as a warm up or as a short practice before relaxation/meditation. Slow and gentle but divided into two parts to build strength and stability. I hope you all enjoy it and look out for the next sessions!

A beginners short but juicy practice that will help you to build a strong core and a strong back. Completing the whole class also allows you to relax and safely bring your body back into balance . You can do it on its own or with the "arms, neck and shoulders" video, 4 times a week or more to see amazing results! Like it, comment and subscribe to receive more freshly squeezed goodies!

This video is a beginners' Hatha yoga video designed to work the hips, strengthen abdomen, your legs and gluts. A super quick and energising practice that will give you ultimate strength and to get on with your day. It uses breath, balancing exercises and sustained postures to reach a deeper level of connection. At the end you decide whether you wish to have a long relaxation or combine it with any other video for a more complete workout. Enjoy!

This is a 30 minute class starting with a warm up, moving to strengthening and stretching the back. Most of today's lower back problems are due to poor posture, fatigue and a lack of flexibility on your core and back muscles. Not to mention the importance of keeping your legs, hips and hamstrings flexible so that your lower back can function at its best. So, feel free to enjoy this goodie which can be done twice a week for at least 3 months and enjoy its long lasting effects!

Every Yoga class is designed to prepare us for the final part: a 360 degree relaxation. Follow this short guided Savasana meditation as a complement to any class.


Enjoy the celebration of a class of your choice feeling total bliss and get ready to take on the world. You can pause it for a longer meditation.

Pregnancy series

Experience a quick 10 minute sequence that will show you how to unlock and re-balance your back and shoulders during pregnancy. This sequence has been created to inspire you to follow it through or choose your favourite exercises. It is recommended at any stage of pregnancy, however discuss it with you physician and avoid it if you've experienced any form of complication. Congratulations on your new adventure!

Stay fit, strong throughout your pregnancy and build up the stamina that can get you through birth. It is a balanced practice targeting the body through gentle stretches and slightly rigorous exercises. it is designed for active women, so it is recommended that if you are starting yoga for the first time, or you are just starting a new a fitness routine, you stick to the ball exercise video or visit your local yoga studio.

Breathing exercises / Pranayama

Overcome anxiety plus a wide range of “popular” discomforts associated to stress and tension. Oxygen is a powerful tool that affects all levels of our being.


Learning to own it and manage it, is crucial to our sustainable sense of well-being. Practice this easy and short technique for at least 4 weeks to see the results.

A simple and quick overview of Anuloma Viloma Pranayama, known as alternate nostril breathing. It allows us to find balance of both hemispheres and all polarities within ourselves, helping us to reach balance through our own breath.


Use it before a physical / Asana yoga class or a meditation session: completing at least 10 rounds, increasing it as your body becomes more familiar with pranayama practice.