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I was born and brought up in Colombia to later adopt the United Kingdom as my second home for over 15 years. I first specialised in Psychology and Sociology (University Degree Level), to later become an Education Specialist (PGCE) and a Yoga Teacher (RYT200), while taking further training and practicing different artistic forms, dance styles, drama and meditation.

 In the past this has enabled me to take on different work roles including community arts coordinator; arts, dance and drama facilitator,  foreign languages teacher and Yoga teacher. At the same time I have travelled across Europe, Latin-America, Asia and North Africa, allowing me to develop the desire to communicate and make world connections, helping me to become fluent in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

The breaking point:


As I became aware of the limitations placed by an educational system that cannot provide citizens with the knowledge and alternatives questions that allows the full understanding of who we are and how we can reach our highest potential and our utmost physical health, I had to make a radical decision- to commit fully to well-being. After teaching Yoga for over 2 years, I finally decided to complete my teacher training (YTTC 200hr) in India, allowing me to improve my own quality of life while passing these incredibly transforming skills to children, young people and adults in the UK, Portugal, India and China.

After 3 years of training and practicing as a Reiki therapist, I was determined to complete a wide range of hands on massage trainings at The Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, qualifying me to also provide Thai/ therapeutic massage, relaxing oil and foot massage (2017). This has greatly extended my ability to provide a 360-degree healing experience, allowing me to help every single one of my clients to effectively reach a deeper connection with themselves and a sense of well-being.

 I continue to be passionate about working with people from all backgrounds; about yoga, dance, creativity, massage, Reiki and anything that will bring individuals back to a balanced state of being. Exploring different communities and practices around the world has helped me to become a world citizen with a drive to create  authentic opportunities for sharing, healing and self-expression across boundaries.

​Most recently:


I spent almost 2 years in China where I was extremely lucky to experience and learn more about the lifestyle adopted in Asia. This was an amazing opportunity that allowed me to contribute to the Far East through teaching Early years education at University, managing a team of English Language teachers as well as teaching Ballet and movement to children/young people and Latin dance and Yoga to adults. Within Asia, I was able to travel to Thailand and Vietnam, in order to improve my massage techniques and learn about traditional methods to stay healthy.

I continue to follow my heart and offer the tools I carry within my “toolbox” to bring more knowledge and opportunities to groups and individuals, through one to one treatments/programs, group workshops and retreats in order to help others experience a deep sense of connection and well-being. I believe we are not alive simply to grow as human beings but we are also here for the purpose of joy; to reach our highest potential as individuals and advance together as a part of a global community.


For any further details or  information regarding any opportunities for collaboration please feel free to drop me a message or visit my blog for further inspiration!



May you be full of joy, harmony and peace.


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