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From a very early age I felt the urge and instinct to use my hands to massage and help family members as well as friends with their ailments which brought relief to their aches and discomforts. Yet, it was only in 2013 while traveling in India that I was fortunate enough to finally experience the long lasting effects of Reiki. Before,


To begin with I was not interested in it; on the surface it seemed too simplistic and the effects were not immediately noticeable on the physical body. Yet, after feeling its silent yet deep repercussions within me, I could really experience its subtle but powerful effects. This led me to qualify as a practitioner in order to make this practice available to many more people around the globe!


I first obtained my USUI system of natural healing (first and second degree) qualification in January 2014 with Nirvana Kendra, which resonated with me to deeply that I decided to take the second degree one more time with The London School of Spirituality in June 2014.

Ever since, I have been providing 1 hour and 1hour and a half treatments in London, Portugal and China in order to help others connect to their inner healer.  Under the consent of clients I combine Reiki with the other massage treatments  in order to provide the most effective and holistic approach possible.


What it is:


Very often we are out of mental or emotional balance, which disrupts our overall physical bodily functions resulting in muscle tension, stress, digestive disorders, headaches, skin problems, amongst many other discomforts. Reiki is a gentle and effective healing system with Japanese roots that uses our own energy field and system activation to support our own and others’ healing process.



Now, I see its value and its importance as it is a simple and yet extremely powerful technique that enhances a deep sense of relaxation, bringing harmony and inner peace. It is known for re-establishing our energy flow and revitalise us as it brings balance to our mind, body and spirit.


How does it work?


During the treatment, the hands are placed on the body, the client remains fully clothed and physical contact is minimum. It can last between 30 minutes to an hour and a half, after which the person can feel peaceful and relaxed, ready to face the world from with a more centered and positive standpoint. It is simply a mild form of reaching a state of balance without any effort or pain, a great way to reconnect with ourselves!

What clients have said:

" I am so glad I was able to pass by on my short holiday. A week after I came back home I can still feel the energy in my body. My nervous ticks have relaxed and I feel I can control my level of anxiety. Thanks so much for your tips, I will come back! "

" Thank you, our final discussion really helped me to make sense of what I was feeling and experiencing. Now that I had time to be and reflect, I really feel so strong. During the session I felt so relaxed, supported and cared for. Please, let me know when you come back to Lagos! "


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