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Self-knowledge is not a state to arrive at but a way to walk through life...

Get to know yourself through movement, dance, yoga and meditation.


Workshops, online classes and retreats are currently being developed. For future collaboration, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Peace, joy and harmony for all!

Hatha Yoga

Following the Sivananda system, we bring balance to our physical bodies, emotions and mind through breathing and flowing poses. Expect to increase your flexibility, strength and overall relaxation. Whatever your level, deepen the connection to yourself and develop your own practice! Recommended for: Beginner and intermediate.

Capo-Yoga (Capoeira-Yoga)

This session is a fusion of Capoeira Angola, Afro-Brasilian martial arts, and Yoga that ensures to strengthen your body, giving you elasticity and balance. It allows participants to learn this traditional dance of resistance which incorporates physical self-expression, movement, group exchange and collective play. Recommended for: Intermediate to advanced.

Latin Dance in China

A fun and great way to explore various Latin and African rhythms while expressing your whole being and connecting to yourself and others around you. It loosens the body and fills us with joy through individual, pair and group work. We explore rhythms that include merengue, cumbia, samba, salsa, bachata, maculelé and mapalé amongst others, giving you the tools to express yourself totally and celebrate being alive! Recommended for all!

Kids yoga/Dance/Capoeira/creativity

Children need access to mindfulness, creativity, and play. Regardless of the subject or curriculum area taught; acquiring the skills that can turn teachers into real educators can make a significant difference to the development of our little ones. If you would like to help your children/students to be more engaged and learn better, do not hesitate to get in touch. Recommended for Adult educators.


Relax and reconnect with this soothing treatment that brings you back into balance. Minimum time suggested 1 hour per person. For further inquiries please go to the contact form on the Home page or email


Experience the benefits of silence, and full presence through visualization, your body and breath. Recommended for all!

Dance and Afro-Latin

Reiki and massage



Pedagogy and creativity

Hatha Yoga




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